American UltraCX Races


Round #1:  Southern Cross

Where:  Dahlonega, Georgia
When:  February 22, 2014
Distance:  50 Miles

Presented by 55Nine Performance
 Contact Namrita O'Dea or Eddie O'Dea


Round #2:  Barry-Roubaix
The Killer Gravel Road Race

Where:  Hastings, Michigan
When:  March 22, 2014
Distance:  62 Miles

Presented by Founders Brewing Company
Contact Rick Plite

Hilly Billy Roubaix
Hilly Billy Roubaix

Round #3:  Hilly Billy Roubaix

Where:  Morgantown, West Virginia
When:  June 21, 2014
Distance:  70 Miles

Presented by Appalachian Bicycle Race Association
Contact JR Petsko

Crusher in the Tushar
Crusher in the Tushar

Round #4:  Crusher in the Tushar
Dirt+Road...Ready to be Crushed?

Where:  Beaver, Utah
When:  July 12, 2014
Distance:  69.9 Miles

Presented by DNA Cycling
Contact Burke


Round #5:  Dirty 40

Vermont's Toughest Gravel Road Race

Where:  Derby, Vermont
When:  August 30, 2014
Distance:  60 miles

A benefit race for the Mary E. Wright Halo Foundation
Contact Anthony Moccia or Heidi Myers

Three Peaks USA
Three Peaks USA

Round #6:  Three Peaks USA
America's Hardest Cyclocross Race

Where:  Beach Mountain, North Carolina


Presented by Pirate Race Productions
Contact Andrew Stackhouse

Iron Cross
Iron Cross

Round #7: Iron Cross
The Original North American UltraCX Race!

  Michaux State Forest, Pennsylvania
When:  October 5, 2014
Distance:  62 Miles

Presented by High Speed Cycling and

Fast Forward Racing Productions
Contact Mike Kuhn

Gravel Grovel
Gravel Grovel

Round #8: Sub-9 Gravel Grovel
Mother Nature's Cyclocross Race

:  Norman, IN
When:  November 29, 2014
Distance:  62 miles

Presented by Sub-9 Productions
Contact Tania Juillerat